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…So, what’s it like to work at KSDT?

The number one question of new hires is “what’s the firm life?”  Two words:  Awe-Some.    At KSDT we go the extra mile to ensure that we balance the seasonal hours with a little extra fun.   We understand that we are running a business, but our people are our greatest assets, and we do everything we can to protect that.   At KSDT you are encouraged to Be Inspired, Be Different, Be Yourself, #BeKSDT

What that means is that since you may spend as much time with KSDT as your own family, that we want to be your KSDT Family and provide every avenue and channel we can to help you ‘Be’.

KSDT continuously innovates and provides and creates functions and events but also encourage our teams to bond more deeply in social settings.

Women of KSDT

Welcome to the Women of KSDT

Welcome to the Women of KSDT, where empowerment knows no bounds. At KSDT, we’re not just a firm, we’re a family—a family that celebrates diversity, champions equality, and fosters growth at every turn. With over 215+ dedicated staff, we take immense pride in our workforce where women not only thrive but lead across all levels of the organization. Our commitment goes beyond mere representation; it’s about creating an environment that actively nurtures, supports, and champions the aspirations of our incredible women.

Through the Women of KSDT program, we uphold three pillars: first, cultivating a culture that not only welcomes but celebrates the presence of women, ensuring they feel valued and respected every step of the way. Second, we believe in the power of personal development, offering tailored support and resources to help women flourish at every stage of their careers, from entry-level to executive positions. And finally, we are steadfast in our dedication to promoting gender inclusiveness, striving to break down barriers and create pathways for success that are accessible to all. Here, at KSDT, we don’t just talk about change—we embody it. Join us, and together, let’s redefine what it means to excel, to inspire, and to lead.

Women of KSDT Goals:

  • Ensuring a culture that enhances the retention and recruitment of women
  • Encouraging personal development at different stages of women’s careers
  • Promoting gender inclusiveness

Busy Season

We work hard but we also make time to sprinkle in some fun, especially during busy season. Each week during the season we choose a theme, food and activities that keep our team loose. Everyone looks forward to our weekly ‘gettys’ to come together to laugh and compete for great prizes. Our Marketing Director who missed his calling as a game show host, MCs creates fun and engaging trivia and game shows.

“I love that the Partners show up and participate in the fun, most firms you would never see that. Plus, where else can you win a chance to ‘Pie a Partner’!”  said Gretty Amaya, Senior Office Manager

“We work extra hard to ensure that our activities are not just seen as ‘free snacks’ but that we value the team building, fun and downtime. It shows in our staffs’ performance and mental well-being”, said Ilene Rosenberg, HR-Partner

KSDT Experience

Our employees are the best advertisement for how much they love KSDT. It showed this year in our #KSDTGoingPlaces campaign where our employees were asked to show their love for KSDT as they traveled the globe for work and pleasure.

I Love KSDT By the Numbers:

  • 94,000 miles traveled
  • 4 continents
  • 12 countries
  • 8 States
  • 2 Births
  • Numerous celebrities

Enjoy our winning photo presented by Danielle on her trip to Brazil.

Firm Pics

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