Current Students

As a student you are excited about your future career in accounting. But, like many of your peers, you may not know all of the career paths such as Tax or Audit or even which one is more suited to your interest, skills and personality.

No worries, KSDT has got you covered. KSDT has many activities available during your entire college career to help better prepare you for your future. Check out the Student Activity Planner below to help chart your path and be on the lookout for your campus calendar for all recruiting activities.

KSDT Student Activity Planner:

The KSDT Experience
On-campus seminars and workshops
Summer Leadership Programs
Invitation to gain valuable leadership skills
Opportunity to explore various paths such as Tax or Audit
Entry-level staff
Join the KSDT Family for full time job

Recent Grads

Diploma in hand, it’s time to forge the next steps in your career. Are you Ready?

Choosing the right firm is a big responsibility. Questions you may be asking; Will I be trained? How long before I get promoted? What does the firm stand for?

KSDT offers all of the perks and benefits that you would expect but focuses on the intangibles that aligns with our culture. We feel these drivers lead to a happy and productivity atmosphere.

  • People First- You are our greatest assets and we invest in you as an individual. We have dedicated professionals to meet with you one-on-one and tailor programs to you.
  • Great Environment- Our offices are collaborative and entrepreneurial in sprit. Have a great idea, let’s hear it and more importantly, let’s do it!
  • Continuous Learning- If you don’t like to learn, then you don’t like to grow. We never stop watering our crops and perpetually reap the bountiful returns
  • Unlimited Career Growth- if you can dream it, you can achieve it. We do not put limits on our staff and will help you chart your own path and time frame from intern to partner.
  • Latest Technology- Your professional life should mirror your personal when it comes to technology. We are always striving to be ahead of the trends in the profession.
  • Community Involvement- Why just write a check when you can pick up a paint brush or serve a hot meal. Believe in a cause? We have your back
  • Diversity and Inclusion- KSDT believes in openness and dialogue to ensure that everyone regardless of any label feels that they can be themselves and have the right to a healthy and happy workplace
  • Work Life Balance- We believe in hard work but we also believe that you need to enjoy the reason you work hard. We take a project based approach to work assignments to allow for flexibility in your day to day life
  • Flexibility- KSDT prides itself to be a place where your career can adjust to your life’s demands
  • Fun- Enjoying your job and having fun is serious business. Our HR team takes pride in making sure that we find time to let loose and take a moment to be silly.

Experienced Professionals

Are you burnt out from the grind of a large firm but still have plenty of miles in the tank? Bring your talents and experience for a rewarding change of pace and leadership path.

Do you feel capped and looking to accelerate your career growth? Or perhaps you are even considering switching careers?

Looking to accelerate your to career growth or perhaps switching industries?

KSDT is a full service CPA firm with plenty of accounting opportunities. But but did you know that we have many non-accounting career paths in litigation, property management, wealth management and healthcare advisory services.

Meet Danny Garcia, Partner

Danny Started as an intern in 2010 and was named partner in January 2019.

KSDT is a phenomenal place to grow your career. The leadership team exposes you to so many options and provided the tools and resources to chart your own path.