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You spent a career helping clients

But, who has helped you reach your goals?

The timing of major life events can have a significant impact on your business and retirement plans. Even if you were planning to retire and close your practice in the next 24 months, it’s important to have a solid succession plan in place.

Research shows that only 7% of CPA firm owners have any succession planning in place. Many spend a lifetime helping their clients achieve their retirement goals while not having any of their own. Some simply stop servicing clients and lock the door when it’s time to retire, leaving clients and staff to fend for themselves.

Are you wondering if this was your last Tax Season? Do you have the investment in technology and resources to service a ‘new normal’? Or do you even want to continue running your practice?

That’s where KSDT CPA can help provide a win-win-win solution.

We have merged or acquired

30+ Firms

in 17 years

Who is KSDT CPA?

KSDT CPA is one of the fastest growing firms in the US, recognized locally, regionally as well as recognized by USA Today as A Top Accounting Firm for 2024.  We are driven by our people first approach.

Founded in 1976, KSDT CPA has a staff of over 220 professionals in Tax, Assurance, and Advisory to meet any client needs.

KSDT has successfully purchased/merged 30 firms in 17 years and perfected the business model to ensure everyone is a winner from clients, to staff, and most importantly to the practice owner who has spent their blood, sweat, and tears to build and grow a business.

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Why should I consider selling my practice?

If you care about your clients that you have developed relationships with, then the best practice is to ensure that they are cared for and with your seal of approval. Over the past 17 years we have successfully kept over 98% of all clients.

Second, most CPAs cannot afford to stop the income stream cold.  Selling your practice will allow you to continue earning over a defined period of time.
How does it work?

The goal is to provide the highest level of service to our clients while creating a smooth transition period with our expert team that will be carefully selected and aligned with your client base and practice style.

Buy selling your firm to KSDT we ‘merge’ your practice into ours and allow you to keep working for a few years to ‘wind-down’ your practice but continue to get paid for additional years and share in any growth opportunities.

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What are the benefits of 'joining' KSDT CPA

By joining a growing and highly respected firm in South Florida, you, your clients and potential staffers will benefit from KSDT’s investments in technology, training, health and wellness, benefits, resources, facilities and additional service line expertise.   We have actually seen some of our previous acquisitions grow their business through additional offerings.

An added benefit to a practitioner is the virtual elimination of your overhead and fixed costs such as  office space, technology, benefits, phones, supplies, etc.
Next Steps?

Selling a practice is a delicate process and both parties have to ensure there is a good fit with size, price, service lines, client base and culture.

If you would like to learn more about the process or have a more detailed conversation about opportunities, please fill out the fields below and we can set up a meeting to answer questions and see if there is a good fit.

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Find out if it could be a Win/Win/Win Situation